Things That Scare Me

There are a bunch of things in “modern” JS that irrationally scare me. I’m going to make a list of them so I can tackle them one by one. Earlier this morning I mentioned I wanted to learn ES6 techinques one-by-one, so here’s a good hitlist of things I should attack.

JS Syntax Stuff

  • .map() I don’t know why this scares me. I also don’t know what it does.
  • Arrow functions. There’s not a lot here, but it scares me.
  • The require syntax for modules. Or is it import? I don’t know
  • JSX. Okay that’s probably going to be a big scary one.
  • The new keyword
  • The canvas element
  • .reduce() I think
  • .filter() a little bit

Conceptual Things

  • Functional programming
  • Rotating an array (WHY??)
  • Writing fizz buzz
  • Other popular job interview whiteboard things, probably involving recursion


  • React
  • Redux
  • Vue
  • threeJS (or whatever it’s called… it’s a render library)
  • Browserify
  • Webpack
Written on August 26, 2017