We’ve been riding our bikes for a week now and I’ve got a few thoughts I wanted to record.

It’s Not a Vacation

This kind of travel – riding daily without a set itinerary – is not a vacation. Every morning, we need to answer, “Where are we going to sleep tonight? If we cannot get a reservation, do we have a backup plan?” Every night, we need to record our expenses and ensure we’re staying within budget. During the daytime, we need to make sure we’re eating in a way that’s sustainable for our bodies and our bank account. Right now, all of this stuff seems draining. Some mornings, we oversleep and we get a later start than we should have – we end up not leaving until afternoon, we ride during the hottest hours of the day, and we look for a place to sleep when it’s close to dark. This past week, we assumed we could set up our tent at one of the campgrounds along our route, but we learned just before sunrise everything was full. We had to ride down a winding mountain pass in the dark to a budget hotel that was four times more expensive than what we’d budgeted for. Just while writing this, I noticed I missed a call from the local motorcycle repair shop that some parts I’d ordered had arrived – an unexpected expense, but a necessary one to keep riding comfortably and safely.